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2366 Glengarry Road

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Call Us Now +1.416.540.1548
2366 Glengarry Road

Mississauga, ON L5C 1Y2



What We Do

Our experience in urban design and planning brings years of experience to any project.  By maximizing the land development potential, we engage cities, regions, or municipalities; we offer property owners, investors, or developers effective innovative planning solutions with the best investment return, from a single dwelling to high-rise buildings or subdivisions.

Our design services are a collaboration with industry professionals; architects, technologists, and engineers. As a collaborative team, we ensure that your vision comes to life while creating a structurally sound design.

Our Collaborate Designs are

Architectural / Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Structural Engineering / Civil Engineering

Interior Design

Design that works

Our interior design services focus on fostering well-planned, functional and impactful interiors. Commercial and residential interiors are another canvas of opportunity to optimize real-estate branding, promote well-being and collaboration.

Our interior Design Services Are:

Space Planning & Furniture Layout  /  Concept Boards & Planning  /  Sourcing  / Specialty Design and Branding  /  Renovation

Our renovation services focus on commercial spaces, retail, offices, restaurants and hospitality that require improvements, spatial re-design or rebranding. Our collaborative team ensures cost-effective and innovative designs and branding solutions to your commercial spaces.

Our Renovation Services Are:

Design  /  Demolition Permits / Costruction

Construction Drawings

Commercial and tenant improvements

Our construction drawings offer clients specific drawing packages for the different phases of your project. Our drawings are designed and stamped by professionals, helping you move one step forward to your goals.

Our Construction Drawing Services Are:

Procurement Drawings  / Permit Drawings  /  As-Built Drawings  /  Demolition Drawings  /  Partition Drawings  /  Millwork Drawings


Project Management

Our Project management services provide clients with a leading team, organizing all aspects of your project to ensure the achievement of your project goals and objectives. Our services work within your scope of time, budget and resource allocation constraints to support any creative plan.

Our Construction Drawing Services Are, But Not Limited To:

Task Planning  /  Coordination  / Budgeting  /  Construction Supervision